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AIP (American Institute of Physics) Journals

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Since 1930, AIP journals have provided the physics and related sciences community with world-class content.  Their value is evident from the number of researchers who cite our articles in their own research papers.  
In 2014, 23,500 individuals served as peer reviewers for AIP Publishing, providing balanced, actionable feedback to advance the research and careers of AIP Publishing authors. 91.5% of articles published benefited from significant reviewer input.
Researchers from nearly 4,000 institutions in more than 195 countries worldwide accessed articles from AIP Publishing journals over 23 million times in 2014. Whether your researchers are looking for the best physical sciences research from around the world – or they are looking to get their research in front of the world’s leading scientists, AIP Publishing delivers.

Applied Physics Letters
Journal of Applied Physics
Journal of Chemical Physics
Journal of Mathematical Physics
Physics of Fluids
Physics of Plasmas
Reviews of Scientific Instruments
Journal of Physical and Chemical  Reference Data
Low Temperature Physics
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Data
Journal of Laser Applications
Physics Today
Conference Proceedings