Reserve Stacks in the West Building

AddRess:the West Building

The West Building on Xuhui Campus functions as the reserve stacks which officially opened in April, 2012. The books within are stored on closed selves and can only be borrowed though reservation. The collection details are as followed:
The first floor is a warehouse stack, equipped with 100 ten-layer double faced shelves, 22 ten-layer single faced shelves, 266 twelve-layer double faced shelves and 51 twelve-layer single faced shelves. Its collections include: bound volumes of foreign and Chinese journals on social science, with nearly 9,800 volumes published before 1999 and around 2,20a0 volumes afterwards; some 28,800 bound volumes of abstract and index journals; around 1,300 journals of the republican period; 400 bound volumes of microprinted newspapers; 20,400 reference books and books in special characters; and about 241,000 sample and circulation texts.
The second, third and fourth floors are foreign and Chinese language circulation stacks, equipped with seven-layer double faced shelves, 313 pieces on the second and third floors and 337 pieces on the fourth floor. The second floor collects about 163,000 volumes of Chinese circulation books before 99; the third floor brings together 66,300 circulation books in Spanish, Japanese and Russian languages before 1999 and 54,000 Russian books under the Classification for Library of the People’s University of China (CLPUC); the fourth floor contains circulation books in Chinese, Spanish and Japanese languages under CLPUC, respectively standing at 116,800, 46,000 and 5,800 volumes.